Agency History


Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) began negotiation with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC) and the Saskatchewan Government for funding and authority to establish a child and family services agency to service the on reserve members of PBCN.


March 23, PBCFSI was formally incorporated under Provincial Act as a non-profit organization. A Board of Directors with 10 members were appointed to represent the PBCN communities.

March 31, a Band Council Resolution (BCR) of PBCN was signed to establish the Peter Ballantyne Child and Family Services Inc. (PBCFSI) to deliver child and family services in PBCN (on reserve). A tripartite agreement between PBCN, INAC, and the Province of Saskatchewan MSS (formerly DSS) was signed. MSS continued to be responsible for providing child and family services to Nation members off reserve.

On November 1, six (6) professional staff were retained to develop the start up operation plan for the PBCFSI. A PBCFSI office was established at the Chief Joseph Custer Reserve in Prince Albert.

November 2, Comprehensive Funding Agreement (CFA) was signed.


January, PBCFSI submitted the start up operational plan to INAC and secured funding for PBCFSI.

January, PBCFSI staff met with community agencies to introduce the organization and to initiate working relationships.

In February 1, six additional staff were hired in the communities of Pelican Narrows and Southend to set up and establish community offices and training for the new staff.

April 1, PBCFSI received operational funding and commenced services to Southend, Pelican Narrows and Sturgeon Landing. Services in Sturgeon Landing provided by Pelican Narrows staff.

June 30, Prince Albert Indian Student Education Centre closed. INAC allocated funding to build four group homes.

Discussions and negotiation with INAC for the development of group homes at the community level.

The first Annual Report was presented to PBCN.


Deschambault Lake and Sandy Bay became reserves and PBCFSI set up offices to provide child and family services.

PBCFSI developed a continuum of care plan including the group homes.

December, the Prince Albert office moved to a new location (cottage 14).


Set up Internet and e-mail connections to PBCFSI offices in Southend, Deschambault Lake, Pelican Narrows and Sandy Bay.

Begin construction of group homes in Southend, Deschambault Lake, Pelican Narrows and Sandy Bay.

Open house activities were held in Southend and Pelican Narrows.

The first staff development workshops were held.


Agency restructure with services decentralized to the community level and new position created.

Sturgeon Landing office established.

August, Group Home Managers hired to develop policy and procedures, group home staff training and start up for the opening the group homes.

November, group home staff were hired and trained.

Community partnerships begin.

Implementation of Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) of payroll.

Implementation of the Aboriginal Information System (AIS) for foster parents maintenance payment.

Begin construction for the new office in Pelican Narrows.


February and March the four group homes opened.

September the group home in Sandy Bay closed.

Kinoosao and Denare Beach become reserves and services provided to these communities by the Southend and Deschambault Lake offices.


February, PBCFSI submitted a proposal for funding to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation for the Sandy Bay Wellness Centre.


January received Aboriginal Healing Foundation funding for the Sandy Bay Wellness Centre.

First Family Wellness Centre opened in Sandy Bay.

October, Partnership with PBCN Social Development and Post Secondary Education, Northlands College and Saskatchewan Indian Federated College to provide social work training for PBCFSI employees.

October, begin construction of a new PBCFSI office in Southend.


February, Southend PBCFSI employees moved into the new office.

Agreement with Sandy Bay TLE to lease to own the Sandy Bay office.


Begin construction for a new office building and staff housing in Deschambault Lake.

June, four PBCFSI employees graduated from the social work program with certificates.

PBCFSI developed a Strategic Plan.


March, Deschambault Lake staff moved into the new office.


Celebration of 10 years of operation.


Developed five year business plan.

Created positions in Kinoosao and Denare Beach and established offices.

Implementation of e-mails, Internet services and networking system in PBCFSI offices.


Digital cellular phones utilized for after hour on-call services, except for Southend.

Closed the Deschambault Lake Group Home.


PBCFSI completed the Enhanced Prevention Business Plan and submitted to INAC.

Deschambault Lake Family Wellness Centre opened.


PBCFSI has become one of the largest First Nation Child and Family Services agencies in Saskatchewan. There are 140 employees working for PBCFSI, a majority being PBCN members.

Currently PBCFSI has eight (8) offices located in the communities of Kinoosao, Southend, Deschambault Lake, Pelican Narrows, Sandy Bay, Amisk Lake, Sturgeon Landing and the central office at the Chief Joseph Custer Reserve in Prince Albert.

Begin construction for a new office at the Chief Joseph Custer Reserve in Prince Albert.

Southend Group Home closed.