The governance structure of PBCFSI is composed of one (1) Elder and eleven (11) Board of Directors representing the eight communities of PBCN.

The Board is an incorporated body responsible for the legal and financial obligations of the agency and provides leadership and accountability to the communities and families they represent.

The Chief and Council hold ex-offico positions within the agency.

The table below lists the current PBCFSI Board of Directors.

director name list


The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation (PBCN) consists of 9 communities, including Amisk Lake, Deschambault Lake, Kinoosao, Pelican Narrows, Sandy Bay, Southend, Sturgeon Landing, Kiskachewan and the Chief Joseph Custer Reserve in the city of Prince Albert.

The PBCN government is composed of one Chief (Chief Peter A. Beatty) and 14 Councilors, two each from Southend, Sandy Bay, and Deschambault Lake, five from Pelican Narrows, and one each from Amisk Lake, Sturgeon Landing, and Prince Albert.

PBCN traditional territory encompasses about 20,000 square miles, from the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border west to the west end of Trade Lake, north to Reindeer Lake, and south to Sturgeon Landing. This is the traditional hunting and gathering area of the Cree Nation.

Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation signed Treaty Six with the Crown.

PBCN has a total population of 9,342 members.

Cree and English are the languages spoken. Cree language retention is very strong by the communities of the Cree Nation.

The closest major business centre is Prince Albert, SK.

PBCN Population Numbers

Peter Ballantyne population counts are listed in the table below.

community population